Joey Rudd Photography

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

If you are looking for beautiful, authentic photographs that capture your emotions and memories then I might be who you are looking for to tell the story of your wedding day.

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  1. Joey captured the magic of our day and the love we celebrated on our wedding

    Hello Joey,

    I don’t think I have ever had such beautiful pictures taken of me in my whole of 40 years….now wait, my dad did capture a very cute moment with bubbles in the park when I was 4…

    That said, you are a wonderfully talented and attentive photographer. When we were looking through the photos, I honestly do not remember you being there and taking those shots, but then there they are. Well, there were those ones that you left us nuzzling nose to ear while you ventured off to find a unique perspective. Those I remember.

    Working with you has affirmed my belief that everyone has been blessed with gifts, not just skillsets, but a little spark or twinkle. Among other gifts and being a very gentle and generous person, your ability to appreciate beauty and to find it in a particular moment is simply breath-taking.

    Your photos have captured my recent “best day ever” in ways that words would fail to describe. Our deepest appreciation for your creativity and art; your sense of service to help those trying to craft an important day; and your efforts to capture the sweetness that will forever remain alive through your work.

  2. We LOVE Joey and ALL our Photos 🙂

    My husband Charles and I are extremely happy with our photos and experience with Joey. We couldn’t be happier. I showed the photos to a talented photographer friend of mine and he loved them too. He pointed out that the lighting that Joey was able to capture was amazing. Everybody loves the creative double exposure shots that he puts together. Very unique, artistic and interesting. He was so easy and fun to work with, he made us laugh, guided us in a very comfortable way to get the best natural poses. I love the candid shots he got too. When I look at the photos I’m amazed at all the different perspectives he got. How did he do this? It’s like there were multiple shooters, but it was just him. He’s so warm and friendly, he easily brought the best out of us. He made us love photoshoots! We want to do more. It’s kind of ridiculous how much we love our photos. There are SO MANY GREAT ONES. He way over delivered. Gave us way more than we were expecting and made it way more enjoyable than we were expecting. We definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone. We feel so lucky that we found him and we are looking forward to working with him in the future to capture more of our family’s special moments.

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